Floating Eye


Floating Eye is an interactive installation that separates vision from the body. The participant can only see wide-angle image floating in the air. The wide-angle image is captured by a convex mirror and a video camera. The camera is equipped with a wireless transmitter. The camera-head is attached to an airship. The participant sees the wide-angle image through a wearable dome screen. The display employs a convex mirror. Light from a projector is scatterd by the convex mirror. The projected image covers the particiant's full field of view. This optical configuration corrects the distortioin of the image taken by the camera-head. The system simulates out-of-the-body experience.

The camera-head is designed to capture the image from above.The participant can see his/her body in the captured image. The airship can be maneuvered by pulling the string, Walking around, participants can see themselves as well as the surrouding scene. However, a slight wind disturbs the airship. Thus,the participant is forced to interact with the atmosphere.This installation evokes a new style self-recognition and the relationship between humans and the atmosphere.


  • in Ars Electronica Festival 2001 at O.K.center, Linz 1-6,Sep, 2001

  • in "the Interaction '01" at Softopia Japan Center "Sophia Hall" Gifu,Japan. 3-4 ,Nov.2001