Cross-Active System

Fig.1 Camera side

Fig.2 Motion platform side

Cross-Active System is a modified virtual reality system, in which the motion input from one participant provides sensory feedback to the other participant. In an ordinary interactive system, a user obtains sensory feedback in response to his/her own motion input. In Cross-Active System, two participants experience unusual communication by dividing the sensory feedback from their motion input.

The installation consists of a motion platform with HMD (Hed Mounted Display), and a micro-video camera with a position sensor. One participant holds the camera(Fig.1), the other sits on the platform(Fig.2). The image from the camera is displayed on HMD, while the motion from the camera is tracked by the position sensor.Since the data from the position sensor controls the motion platform, a slight motion of the camera results in a large motion on the part of the motion platform.


  • in Ars Electronica Festival 96 at Design center, LinzSep.2-6,1996

  • in CG workshop at Tokyo Museum of the Photograph, Nov.22,1997